5 Easy Explanations for the Monster in Your  Movie 

By Darrin Jones / March 13 

2. It’s Science!

As seen in: Leviathan, The Fly, From Beyond, Splice, and Re-Animator

Science is a perfect go-to for creating horrible creatures to terrorize everyone. After all, science has brought us such monstrosities as zombies, robots, and zombie robots.

Not to mention science’s worst creation: Tara Reid.

Monsters created by a science experiment gone wrong, or even worse a science experiment gone right, are more horrifying then those created by accident. A purposely created monster delves into the hubris of scientists and prompts the question, “Who’s the real monster here?”

I mean look at that hair!
The monster is the real monster, by the way. I mean it’s clearly designed to be a killing machine. But the scariest thing about science is that only scientist really know how it works and having a smarty pants creating some abomination behind your back is just the worst.

Trust me, if you were a scientist seeing this, you’d be crapping you pants already.

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