5 Easy Explanations for the Monster in Your  Movie 

By Darrin Jones / March 13 

Horror movies often bring out the more creative side of filmmakers if only to outdo one another in freaking out their audiences and the crux of any pants-wetting horror film is the monster. Oh yes those slimy, drooling, repulsive creatures that we love to hate. But where do these horrid things come from? Well most monsters are spawned from a few selective sources and they happen to be...right...behind you!

1. It’s Radioactive!

As seen in: Godzilla, The Hills Have Eyes, Class of Nuke ‘Em High, Toxic Avenger, and C.H.U.D

Whether it’s a leaky barrel, noxious gas or a good old fashion A-bomb, exposure to radiation is a classic monster maker.

“Warning: Do not expose to script.”
What radiation has over other monster creating plot devices is that not only can it mutate anything it touches -- you know, instead of just killing it outright -- but it can also make normally unthreatening or small creatures into city destroying terrors.
Heaven help us if it’s the same rabbit from Monty Python
Of course radiation can also turn frightening stuff into even more frightening stuff. See what happens when we splash a little on this homeless fellow here:

And we get this.

Gaaah! Here, take my change!

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