The 11 Most Crazy Ass Women Characters in Film
By Darrin Jones / June 19

4. Nancy Downs from The Craft (1996)

A group of unpopular high school girls begin dabbling in witchcraft. The girls begin developing supernatural powers and terrorize anyone that gets in their way.

As well as pose for Go-Go’s album covers.
Nancy Downs, as played by Fairuza Balk, leads the group but her vengeful ways start killing people. One of the others, Sarah as played by Robin Tunney, attempts to stop Nancy. And that’s when Nancy really starts releasing her witchy ways.

High school girls turning on each other? That never happens!
How crazy is she? She’ll put a spell on you.
While all of girls immediately misuse their powers, Nancy is the first to go the murder route by killing her stepfather. Sure he was a jerk but this is magic we’re talking about here. She could have easily used a spell to turn him nice or just make him leave but no, straight to the murder. But if that wasn’t bad enough, she kills off the boy that Sarah put under a love spell because he had troubles understanding “no means no”. Again, it’s not totally unjustified but magic! There’s literally no limit to ways they can deal with problems besides murder. To top it all off, when Sarah tries to use a spell to stop Nancy from killing people, Nancy responses by, of course, trying to kill her. With magic!

Whoa, slumber parties are weird.
 Although Nancy has unlimited magical power and apparently a very limited imagination for what to do with them, you have to admit she does make goth look good.

Mmhmm, she can cast a levitation spell on my wand any day.

5. Peyton Flanders from Hand that Rocks the Cradle (1992)

When expecting mother, Claire Bartel as played by Annabella Sciorra, is molested by her doctor, the doctor commits suicide instead of being arrested by the police; leaving his pregnant wife a widow. The stress is too much for her and she loses her unborn child. So overcome by a thirst for revenge, she takes the name Peyton Flanders, as played by Rebecca De Mornay, and becomes the nanny for the Bartel family.

Doesn’t she just look like nanny material?

How crazy is she? She’ll try to steal your family.
Peyton Flanders has to play the longest, most intense mind-play few audiences have ever seen before. Peyton starts convincing the children to trust her more then their own mother.

She’s so good with kids.
She attempts to seduce the husband and even threatens to get rid of the developmentally challenged gardener.

“Is nanny gonna have to choke a bitch?”
At the climax, Peyton takes a page out of the Saw franchise and starts setting up deathtraps around the house before finally resorting to good old “shovel to the back of the head” method of attempted murder. To wrap it all up, when she thinks the parents are out of the picture, she tries to take the children for her own.

Uh, I think they should’ve called Mary Poppins instead.

6. Hedra Carlson from Single White Female (1992)

When a young New York City woman is need of a new roommate, Hedra Carlson as played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, answers the ad.

I smell the making of new sitcom show.

Unfortunately it turns out Hedra is the roommate from hell. Only instead of leaving out dirty dishes, she deletes phone messages, destroys mail and kills puppies. Yes, she actually kills puppies.

How crazy is she? She'll try to steal your life. 
Over the course of the film, Hedra copies her roommate’s appearance and mannerisms more and more.

A Doublemint Gum ad in the making.

While that might be weird, it doesn’t get crazy until Hedra kills off her roommate’s ex-fiance and then her employer. Finally, Hedra holds her roommate hostage and intends to pin all the deaths on her.

“Does this mean you aren’t going to pay your half of the utilities?”

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