The 11 Most Crazy Ass Women Characters in Film
By Darrin Jones / June 19

7. Annie Wilkes from Misery (1990)

When a famous novelist crashes his car on a snowy road, he’s rescued and nursed back to health by Annie Wilkes, as played by Kathy Bates. The novelist is disabled and bedridden in Annie’s home but at least Annie is his number one fan so it’s safe to assume he’s in good hands.

“Do you think you could sign some things for me?”
“Now’s not a good time.”
Except, anyone that knows fans knows they are terrible to be around and never happy.

How crazy is she? She’ll hold you captive.
Annie reads the novelist’s newest book and in a show true fandomship, becomes outraged when the ending isn’t how she wants it to be.

Now what costume is she suppose to wear to the conventions?!
Turns out Annie is a psychotic ex-nurse and the one thing she hates more then disappointing endings is intact ankles.

The worst part is she was playing Hammer Time in the background.
Annie forces the crippled novelist to rewrite his book again, killing off a nosey sheriff that found out about what was going on. But what’s a good fan if not forgiving as she informs the novelist that once he finishes his new novel they should definitely die together.

8. Alexandra Forrest from Fatal Attraction (1987)

A happily married New York attorney has an affair with an editor for a publishing company, Alexandra Forrest as played by Glen Close. What was going to be a single fling takes a turn to for the worse when Alexandra stalks her one-night-stand.

Honestly, how could any man resist her.
How crazy is she? She won’t be ignored.
Alexandra takes “love to death” to a new level. She calls him day and night, pours acid on his car, and spies on him and his family.

Not to mention doing something horrifying to a pet rabbit.
Still feeling rather on the ignored side she lets attempted murder do the talking for her.

The quickest way to a man’s heart is with a carver’s knife.
9. Joan Crawford from Mommie Dearest (1981)

Mommie Dearest is an interesting contender because it’s based on the real life story of actress Joan Crawford. Joan Crawford, as played by Faye Dunaway, notches up the craziness to a high level and does it quickly. Joan is obsessed with cleanliness and controls all aspects of the lives around her. With her acting career on a downswing, Joan focuses on adopting and raising a daughter. While her adopted daughter is still young, they are actually a pretty happy family.

“I hope I never lose my sanity and make this moment tragic later.”

How crazy is she? She’ll beat you with a wire hanger.
When Joan’s daughter gets a little older, the happy family time goes right out the window. In an instant where Joan’s daughter pouts, she immediately gets locked in a pool house. When Joan finds her putting on her mommy’s makeup, Joan cuts off her daughter’s hair. Joan’s outbursts grow more violent and more erratic.

Watch out! She’s gonna blow!

When Joan’s madness reaches its boiling point, she gives way to one of the most memorable scenes ever to grace the big screen.

All together now, “No wire hangers, ever!”
Joan then partakes in a room trashing scene before sending her daughter to a boarding school. When her daughter grows up into a teenager, played by Diana Scarwid, and informs her mother that she is not one of her fans, Joan has a bit of a tantrum.

Hah-ha! Understatement.

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