5 Easy Explanations for the Monster in Your  Movie 

By Darrin Jones / March 13

5. It’s an Alien!

As seen in: Critters, Aliens, Night of the Creeps, Deep Space, and Killer Clowns from Outer Space

Time for my all time favorite explanation for a horror movie monster: aliens. Yes whether they are bursting out of our chests or picking our fruit, we just seem to universally hate aliens. 

Well, except for the adorable ones I guess.

Aliens embody the worst things a monster can be, vicious and smart. If they don’t shoot your head off with a laser blast they’ll tear it off with their barehands. 

“Your skull would really feng shui my trophy room.”

Monsters from outer space are chockfull of nasty little surprises from acid skin to tiny secondary mouths.

Not to mention perfectly white teeth.
But the most frightening thing about aliens is how often they want humans for one thing: knocking-boots. That’s right, every other alien in the universe wants some of that sweet sweet human booty and they aren’t too concerned with using chocolates and flowers to get it. Think I’m overacting to these bone-happy invaders from among the stars? Just check out their online dating profile.

  “I’m tall, dark, and this ain’t my tail. Ladies.”

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