5 Easy Explanations for the Monster in Your  Movie 

By Darrin Jones / March 13 

4. It’s a Ghost!

As seen in: Entity, The Fog, The Ring, Poltergeist, and House on Haunted Hill

Now we’re not talking about your Casper or Patrick Swayze type of ghosts here, oh no, we’re talking about...well, this: 

For some reason, “Boo” doesn’t sound strong enough for this guy.
Ghosts are the classic go-to monsters for Asian culture. (Well besides radioactive giant monsters but I already covered those!) The great thinkers throughout history have questioned what could be beyond this mortal coil and ghosts are more then happy to answer that question with a possessed machete to the face. Ghosts are great because they can do anything, appear anywhere, and anyone can become one. And sometimes they even come in twos.

Just terrifying.
The most important advantage ghosts have over their monstrous peers is presentation. Unlike their physically solid cohorts, ghosts can step right through that locked door of yours, appear right in front of you while your running down that hallway and change the channel on your television to their favorite show. 

Ghosts were also the first to invent 3D.
Oh, and because clowns are still freaky:

F.Y.I he’s available for birthday parties.

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