5 Easy Explanations for the Monster in Your  Movie 

By Darrin Jones / March 13 

3. It’s Demonic!

As seen in: The Exorcist, Hellraisers, Evil Dead II, The Gate, and Night of the Demons

Whether it is a bunch of teens screwing with a ouija board or a bunch of teens camping out in an abandoned church, demons are always waiting for someone unassuming to do something stupid and get themselves possessed.

“Woo! Devil’s here man! It’s party central.”
Demons get to play double roles in most monster movies as they can either be horrid beastly things themselves or turn others into pants-crappingly terrifying individuals. I mean just ask Regan from the Exorcist

Oh jeez! Uh, let’s get back to her later.
Demons seem to inspire the most diabolical looking monsters for filmmakers, turning the most innocent things into frightening creatures. Got a little kid? Poof! Son of the devil. Got a little puzzle box? Poof! Gateway to hell. Got a cute little clown toy?

Need I say more?
And really can you think of any movie monster that has created such an infectious internet meme?


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