The 11 Most Crazy Ass Women Characters in Film
By Darrin Jones / June 19

10. Margaret White from Carrie (1976)

How classic is Carrie? A friendless teenage girl, Carrie White as played by Sissy Spacek, is harassed by her peers at school; abused by her mother, Margaret White as played by Piper Laurie, at home. Carrie becomes aware that she has psychic powers and when her fragile psyche is pushed to the limit, she violently murders her taunters at a high school dance. The movie ends when she kills her mother and herself by collapsing the their family house around them. Now surely I should be focusing on Carrie right? I mean she’s sheltered, can’t handle social situations and when she’s pushed to her limit her psychic powers lash out and murder those around her. But really Carrie isn’t that bad when you compare her to her mother, Margaret. 

Posing for her ‘Mother of the Year’ award.
How crazy is she? She’ll talk about your dirty pillows.
Margaret White spends her time going door-to-door spreading religious sentiment. How devoted is she to God’s word? Well she locks Carrie in a closet as “punishment” for having her first period.

The worst filming of a Feminine Hygiene commercial, ever.
She doesn’t let Carrie out of the house unless it’s for school and forbids her from going to social events. When Margaret discovers her daughter’s psychic powers, she of course assumes it’s the powers of Satan and later attempts to stab her daughter to death.

“Let’s put a smile on that face.”
But what really makes Margaret’s insane-o scale push the red? This one scene right here:

11. Baby Jane Hudson from What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)

The movie follows the lives of Baby Jane Hudson, as played by Bette Davis, and her sister Blanche, played by Joan Crawford. Yep, Joan Crawford is back but she’s being out crazied. Jane and Blanche are ex-celebrity actresses wasting away in old age with Jane taking care of her sister because of a horrible accident that happened earlier in their lives.

Seen in photo: Baby Jane after releasing her army of flying monkeys.
Jane is mentally unstable and constantly abuses Blanche while still miserably trying to rekindle her show business career. Jane’s instability becomes so bad that she kills their housemaid drags her starved sister to a beachside to enjoy the attention of the surrounding crowd until the police arrive.

Uh...I have absolutely no jokes.
How crazy is she? Really crazy. Really, really crazy.
Baby Jane Hudson has it all; like Annie Wilkes from Misery she keeps her paraplegic sister completely captive. Like Joan Crawford from Mommie Dearest she’s stuck in her celebrity past. There no bottom to this well of insanity. Unable to get past her child career, Jane even dresses-up and acts like a little girl horribly singing one of her childhood songs.

Just wait until she starts singing R. Kelly’s Bump N’ Grind.
Jane, unlike the other 10 on this list, never had any semblance of sanity. Crazy is who she is and without it, well, you wouldn’t have a Baby Jane.

“I’ll see you in your dreams!”

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  1. please, note that picture with caption "wait until she starts singing R. Kelly’s Bump N’ Grind." is

    NOT Bette DAVIS

    but an impersonator named Charles Pierce

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