The 11 Most Crazy Ass Women Characters in Film
By Darrin Jones / June 19

There have been many great actresses to grace the silver screen and some have left some truly memorable moments in film. There are also some actresses that have played the craziest damn women we’ve ever seen. Take a look at these 11 characters that took insane-in-the-membrane to a whole ‘nother level.

1. Nina Sayers from Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan is the touching story about a young ballerina named Nina Sayers, as played by Natalie Portman, as she tries to take the lead roll in an upcoming production of Swan Lake. Nina must battle her own insecurities and troubled home life to impress the ballet’s director and finally win her place in the spotlight. Oh, and she also loses he grip on reality, has hallucinations and imagines herself transforming into an actual swan.

Now that’s a right daffy bird. 
How crazy is she? She’ll make out with herself.
Nina Sayers is a timid, repressed woman that’s trapped between an overbearing mother and her own insecurities. When trying to bring out her sensual side in order to play the Black Swan, the White Swan’s counterpart in the Swan Lake ballet, she completely fractures her personality. Nina’s own repression builds and builds as she tries to express her pent-up sexuality until finally she completely loses her own identity and sees herself as two women at the same time.

"But we loves the precious."
 "No! We hates the precious."
This mental breakdown expresses itself as Nina stalking herself, Nina stabbing herself, and, of course, Nina making out with herself.

 If only all mental disorders could be this hot.

2. Ramona Linscott from Black Dahlia (2006)

The murdered body of a young woman is found in Los Angeles, California. What makes this case so horrendous is how mutilated the body was including dismemberment and a vile grin so wide it would put the Joker’s to shame. Two LAPD police officers investigate the case before stumbling onto the trail of a shady Hollywood family. They find that a woman named Madeline, as played by Hilary Swank, is the daughter of the high-class Linscott family and had hired the young woman before her death to act as Madeline’s impersonator.

 “This isn't sort of devious plot, is it?”
It is later revealed that Madeline’s mother, Ramona who is played by Fiona Shaw, killed the young woman because she reminded Ramona of her daughter. Yes, Ramona wanted to kill her daughter so badly she killed a complete stranger just for looking like her daughter.

How crazy is she? She’ll mutilate her daughter’s look-a-like.
The Linscott family as a whole is a completely messed up group but somehow Ramona takes the cake. Not only does she kill her daughters lookalike for no real reason, she also mutilates the body and has it dumped in a ditch somewhere just for giggles. Ramona almost embodies everything that is insane about Hollywood, what with chewing up people and spitting them out. But at least she does have a beautiful smile.

The picture of perfect mental health.

3. Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill: Vol.1 (2003)

Assassin, Bride, Beatrix Kiddo, Uma Thurman’s character has had many names in the Kill Bill series but one thing stays the same; she will kick your ass. Beatrix goes on a two film killing spree as she seeks revenge against her old assassin crew that attempted to murder her on her wedding day.

Some people will do anything to get out of buying a wedding gift.
Now for anyone that’s seen the Kill Bill films, you’re probably wondering how anyone could pick just one person out of the two films to call “crazy ass” but I think there is one that rises above them all, Gogo Yubari, as played by Chiaki Kuriyama. Gogo is the insane personal bodyguard to the head of the Yakuza army and she wears craziness like a nice scarf.
This is her reaction to door-to-door salesmen.
How crazy is she? She’ll kick your ass with Kung Fu and laugh about it.
Where to start with Gogo? How about even though she’s only 17-years old, she’s one of the most vicious killers on the planet. During Beatrix’s rampage through the Yakuza army, Gogo is actually offered the opportunity to leave.

Beatrix just killed a room full of guys in under 10 minutes.
What is Gogo’s response? Oh nothing much, just nearly strangling Beatrix with a ball and chain!

While wearing a schoolgirl outfit I might add.
What makes Gogo crazier then all the other assassins is that she enjoys killing and is willing to do it without any prompting. Killing is just what she does, she does it well and, like Ramona Linscott, she’ll do it with a smile.

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