5 Great Movies That Didn't Have to Speak English 

By Darrin Jones / March 20 

3. Let the Right One In
This delightful gem is brought to us by the Swedes and their take on vampires. But it’s more then just the story of the blood-drinking undead, it’s a dark romance as well. Honestly, I wish Twilight was half this good. It’s a beautiful mixture of a young budding relationship shadowed by a dark secret and frightening horrors. I mean just look at how creepy the poster is.

This imagery says so much by doing so little.
The story revolves around a young boy named Oskar who is routinely bullied and alone until he meets a girl named Eli. The two begin an unusual relationship all the while a mysterious man, Hakan, is killing people and draining their blood for Eli to feed on.

When he said “Let’s hang out,” I don’t think this is what he meant.
Eli is indeed a vampire and a very old one. A great deal of film emphasis that even though Eli has an old soul, she is still young at heart and needs Oskar as much as he needs her. When Hakan is eventually caught in the act, he is hospitalized until Eli kills him. Oskar finally figures out Eli is a vampire but decides not to abandon her. The whole movie comes to a climax when the bodies start pilling up and the dark romance reaches its conclusion.  The story is amazingly put together and approaches the idea of vampires with real enthusiasm emphasizing the title to warn against letting vampires in, of course, but also letting the wrong person get too close to you. The actress that plays Eli (Lina Leandersson) steals the show with her eerie calmness. She really lived the part and it draws you in completely.

Best. Vampire. Ever.
Let the Right One In is a perfect mixture for those that like tragic romances, true vampire fandom, and bizarre coming of age stories. All in all, a great watch for people ready to experience some of that sweet, sweet, Swedish culture.

Just look at how excited they are!

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