5 Great Movies That Didn't Have to Speak English 

By Darrin Jones / March 20 

4. Kung Fu Hustle
Let’s depart from dark fantasy’s and monstrous beings and instead turn to the lighter side of non-English speaking films. Kung Fu Hustle is an action-comedy out of China that is leagues above its peers, and they know it. The movie is a bizarre mixture of slapstick comedy and impressive martial arts. It’s almost a living cartoon show with its over-the-top shenanigans and cheesy dramatic moments.

I mean come on! That guy’s totally farting out another guy!
The plot follows the lives of two no good hoodlums as they try to con a neighborhood out of goods and services by pretending to be members of a local gang.

It seems foolproof!
Their plan explodes in their faces, though, when the real gang--the Axe Gang-- shows up and threatens everyone with, well, axes. Three of the neighbors reveal themselves to be martial arts masters in retirement and pummel the gang members into submission. The two impostor gang members are brought before the gang’s leader who only agrees to let them live if they can assassinate the martial arts masters. Whackyness ensues, secrets are revealed, and much action is to be had. What makes Kung Fu Hustle such an awesome movie isn’t just the Kung Fu moves, it’s who’s doing the Kung Fu. The actors feel like real people and, in all honesty, look like real people. I mean the two strongest martial arts masters look like this.

Bruce Lee they are not.
But it adds to the comedy so well. People pulling off outrageous Anime-style moves while looking like they just woke-up on the wrong side of the bed is hysterical. The actors are genuine and the action is exciting. The effects are superb and the jokes are well written. It’s the most fun you will have while reading subtitles.

By the way, this guy is even more badass then Magneto.

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