5 Great Movies That Didn't Have to Speak English 

By Darrin Jones / March 20

The American movie going public doesn’t often get many chances to be exposed to another country’s film productions. For one reason, foreign films don’t make the mad money that good old U.S. explosion-films make and that is usually for the second reason, the audience has to read subtitles. But here are five really great films that showcased incredible talent without needing to speak English.

1. TrollHunter
TrollHunter is a found footage Norwegian film with a dark fantasy twist. The movie poses itself as a ‘mockumentary’ which is in rising popularity in the Western hemisphere. In the film, a group of students set out to make a documentary about a bear poacher. Their plans fall apart completely when they find that the poacher is actually employed by the government to hunt trolls in an organization called the Troll Security Service (TSS). It’s very reminiscent of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense in the Hellboy series and functions very much in the same way only without any red demons played by Ron Perlman. And these are not your cute or campy trolls that you’ve seen in Trolls 2, no these trolls are giant. 

Seen in photo: A troll standing over a freaking van!
And the effects for the trolls are amazing; I would even say on-par with Jurassic Park in terms of really portraying a realistically huge dangerous creature. As this is a Norwegian film, the trolls are also susceptible to all the myths and lore about trolls such as “they can smell Christian blood” and sunlight turns them to stone, which is actually how the government official actually deposes of trolls. He uses UV-light making devises to petrify the troll menace before smashing it to bits with a sledge hammer.

He’s like Wesley Snipes from Blade, but Norwegian.
The plot goes beyond just killing trolls as it is revealed that the Norwegian government has actually sectioned off part of Norway as troll territory and there are a variety of species living there. Again, it’s very similar to Jurassic Park in that it explains the biology and habits of the creatures and even explains that part of the TSS’s job is to keep the trolls calm and content. The film is just a fascinating look at the troll mythos, a subject that no one has seriously taken up, and manages to make it very vibrant and incredibly engaging. For anyone that liked Cloverfield but thought it could have been a bit better, this is your film.

Plus, you can actually see what the trolls look like.

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