5 Disney Movies You Didn’t Realize Were Secretly Horrifying
By Darrin Jones / December 31

2. Peter Pan

Okay so Pinocchio was probably just a fluke right? Everyone’s entitled to having a bad day, even Disney. Let’s look at another film made to be fun for the whole family, Peter Pan! Yes, the lovable Peter Pan and his sidekick Tinkerbell fly into the lives of John, Michael and Wendy Darling and take them on an incredible journey through Never Land. Peter Pan introduces the Darlings to the Lost Boys, another group of imaginative children who’ve made Never Land their home and Peter Pan their leader. Together, the children of Never Land battle pirates led by the dastardly Captain James Hook. The Darlings go on several amazing adventures before Peter Pan flies them back to their home to reminisce on their unforgettable time in Never Land.

Also, what is it with magical characters flying through people’s windows?

Anyway, lets start peeling back those Disney-fied moments and look at the truly bizarreness of the situation. Right off the bat, Wendy is nearly murdered on multiple occasions in Never Land. First, Tinkerbell convinces to Lost Boys to lob rocks at the flying Wendy in hopes of knocking her out of the sky. Shortly after that, Peter Pan takes Wendy to see the local mermaids who try to drown her. Finally, when the Never Land children are captured, Captain Hook forces Wendy first to walk the ship’s plank and leap to her death. But maybe Wendy’s a special case; I’m sure things like that almost never happen to the other girls in Never Land.

“What?! The anchor thing? It’s just a fancy necklace.”

But getting past the mind-boggling amount of disregard for female safety, there’s an overall problem with Never Land in that it’s an extremely dangerous land that is nearly populated solely by CHILDREN; of course anyone that isn’t a child wants to destroy children because, hey, who doesn’t want to shoot a kid out of a cannon. While a world populated by hyperactive kiddos just doing kid stuff sounds fun, the reality is these are uneducated rugrats running around the woods essentially staying children forever. Oh yes, no one ever grows up in Never Land so the Lost Boys will stay Lost Boys forever. Forever living in a Lord of the Flies world with a child-snatching elf-boy leading poor orphan boys into life-threatening situations on a daily basis.

“”Okay guys! New game. It’s called Russian Roulette and Rabbit you’re first.”

Well that’s probably not fair to Peter Pan. I mean surely he has the kids’ best interest in mind. He probably wouldn’t do something as foolhardy as instigate a never ending war with the local pirates by, say, feeding their leader’s hand to a crocodile. Except he does do that! He even gives a gigantic crocodile the taste for human flesh; wonder if that’s ever going to come up when that Lost Boy in the skunk suite goes for a swim. Actually the seething hatred Captain Hook and Peter Pan have for each other is never really explained in the film. It is suspicious that a grown man in a flamboyant outfit sails around in a world of adventuring children. You don’t think that...

“ You know, Pan, my motto is ‘Hook ‘em young.’ ”

Okay that might’ve been a bit extreme. I mean anything out of context could look devious. I’m sure Peter Pan and Captain Hook simply represent the endless conflict between the tyranny of adults against the free spirit of the youth.

“ Oh Captain, your sword is sssooo long.”

Now cut that out!

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