5 Disney Movies You Didn’t Realize Were Secretly Horrifying
By Darrin Jones / December 31

4. Bambi 

Now what can you say about Bambi? The charming story of a fawn that grows up in a forest among other animals that teaches its audience about life and death in nature. I don’t think any kid with a beating heart can resist bawling like a baby when Bambi’s mother dies. Even older kids bawl like a baby. In fact, even adults bawl like a baby; what is up with this movie! It has one of the most memorable incidents that suddenly plunged children into the realization that ‘man’ is something animals fear and that death is a certainty for all creatures.

What the hell?! I thought this movie was about happy singing animals, Disney!

Now there is a huge target that I could aim at, that primarily being that hunters are depicted as heartless killers that will burn down whole forests just to sate their blood-lust, but I won’t dirty my hands with something so simple. Oh no, I’ve got my sights set on the truly horrifying scene that most people just skim over. Bambi is a murderer! Shocked? Let me explain, during the course of the film, a major plot develops about Bambi and another deer, Faline, falling in love. But while Bambi is courting Faline, another buck named Ronno appears and wants to claim Faline for his own. So Bambi has to fight off Ronno to win back Faline. And what’s the best way to do that? Well murder of course. During the struggle between the two bucks, Bambi tosses Ronno off a cliff to float in the river below. That’s right folks, Bambi goes from this:

Aww! He’s so cute!

To this:

Ahhh! He’s so angry!

And before you go telling yourself, “Well that’s just what deer do,” consider this, most fights between bucks end with one buck chasing the other off. It’s the deer equivalent of a bar fight between two drunken frat guys. So Bambi really didn’t have to kill Ronno, he just did it. But maybe it was an accident, right? I mean there’s no way Bambi would stand remorseless on the cliff-top with his girlfriend as they look down at the dead body-

Yikes, Bambi’s kind of a dick.

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  1. I totally didn't remember that part of Bambi until you wrote about it. Bambi's a lot less noble than I remember.