An Announcement from Movie In A Blender
Hello internet. Darrin Jones here, founder of Movie In A Blender and co-host of Talking in the Threatre. Well we’ve had an exciting year haven’t we? Here in the states, we’ve had a presidential election, the world nearly ended, and my home state is legalizing marijuana -- go team. 

But I’m here to talk to you about a serious matter. Movie In A Blender needs YOUR help. This past year we have worked tirelessly to entertain and inform and would like to thank everyone that has given our site a shot. You’ve been a terrific audience and we hope we can keep you coming back in years to come. So here is your chance to make Movie In A Blender even more popular. 

All this month we are having our first every "Like-athon." Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter page and like us like crazy. Don’t be shy. Go ahead and retweet us, share us with a friend, post our links anywhere you like. Even on those really dirty dirty websites. The more embracing the better. 

Our Facebook and Twitter followers and site subscribers will get first alerts when we post new content. And for anyone that feels like doing a little more, you can find our donate button at the top corner of the site. Donators will receive personal ‘thank yous’ from all of us here at Movie In A Blender

Need more incentive to make Movie In A Blender even more popular? Well if we reach our goal of double viewership, Matt and myself are going to do a live streaming commentary of the 1960’s version of Little Shop of Horrors. It’ll be so funny you’ll forget Rick Moranis isn’t it. So here’s to kicking off the New Year by making the world a little better and the internet a little funnier.

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