I Watched It So You Don’t Have To: Taken 2
By Darrin Jones / October 5

Welcome back to Movie In A Blender where we're Mario Mario and Lugi Mario. For this installment, I voice my disappointment over the Taken 2 premiere. So how did I feel about this quickly thrown together cash-in? Well tune in and check it out. Oh, and like all horribly made sequels, I thought this one deserved its own subtitle as well. Which one will your favorite be?

I Watched It - Taken 2 by So You Don't Have To


  1. The only thing I'll add: the villain looked exactly like the Dos Equis guy.

    "I don't always seek revenge on Liam Neeson, but when I do, I fail miserably."

    Such a disappointment.

  2. And yeah, regarding the Istanbul thing, where it just totally skipped him guarding the diplomat, one of the cool parts from the first movie was seeing Neeson protect that pop singer. But, nope, let's get 45 minutes of him helping his ex-wife deal with her marital issues.