Review Schedule: October 2012
Welcome back to Movie In A Blender where we'll make him an offer he can't refuse. Here’s my predicted review schedule for the month of October. 

Taken 2 Review - October 5th
Seven Psychopaths Review - October 12th
Paranormal Activity 4 Review - October 19th
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Review - October 26th

Think I missed something? Let me know and, of course, check out the site every Wednesday and Saturday for new content.


  1. If you're wanting to hit a broad audience of both adults and kids right now guys I'd suggest a couple of movies that are due to come out - not sure if you had slatted for the Sept - Oct. section:

    Hotel Transylvania Sept. 28th
    Frankenwennie Oct. 5th

    These might be good family movies for folks to see - plus, are you guys planning on seeing Trouble With The Curve? I'm probably gonna end up seeing Looper - but something about a Clint Eastwood trailer makes me smile no matter what genre.

    1. Thanks for the advice, we'll take it under advisement.