Review Schedule: April 2012
Welcome back to Movie In A Blender because take your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty ape. Here’s my predicted review schedule for the month of April. 

American Reunion Review - Apr. 6th
The Cabin in the Woods Review - Apr. 13th
The Moth Diaries Review - Apr. 20th
The Raven Review - Apr. 27th 

Think I missed something? Let me know and, of course, check out the site every Wednesday and Saturday for new content.


  1. Hey man,

    Are you going to be viewing Lockout on April 12th? The space prison movie? It looks pretty neat and it's sci-fi so it's right up your alley. Just sayin'.

    1. Oh I'm well aware of Lockout coming out in April and I am definitely NOT looking forward to it. While it does look like a rockin' sci-fi adventure, it also looks extremely safe, ordinary, and CGI heavy. In other words, it's been done before and it's probably been done better.