Hey There! Think You Can Write? 
Welcome back to Movie In A Blender because forget it Jake, it's China Town. Well March is looking like a heavy release month. A lot of movies coming out and I'm only one man! Who can help me handle this burden? I'm asking you, the fans, for volunteer reviewers. Yes you! Your article could be posted right here on the front page and forever immortalized, aren't you just so lucky. 

So if you're interested in contributing an article to Movie In A Blender, send me a sample review of any movie you've seen and which of the movies on the following list you would like to review. I'll look over the submissions and let the applicants know who is reviewing what and when. 

Movies needing a reviewer:
Dr. Seuss 'The Lorax' - March 02, 2012 
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - March 09, 2012  
21 Jump Street - March 16, 2012  
Mirror Mirror - March 30, 2012  

The rules: Review would have to be submitted to me on the movies' release date. The review would have to be up to the writing standards of Movie In A Blender (I know, I'm surprised we have standards too). Multiple people may be working on the same review so no guarantee that all review submissions will posted. (Though everyone involved will be noted and receive a special thank you.)

Think you've got what it takes? Send your samples to: movieinablender@hotmail.com

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